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4 New San Diego Cafes You MUST Check Out

4 New San Diego Cafes You MUST Check Out

Many new San Diego cafes have opened since December 2016; have you tried the best ones yet? These SD coffee shops are truly worth checking out.


Holy Matcha in North Park

This is the first SD cafe all about matcha, Japan’s specialty green tea. You can get the traditional variety as a matcha latte, standard tea and coffee or specialty coffee lattes. (A major perk of matcha: It’s rich in both caffeine AND antioxidants.) They’re also famous for their pink lemonade and avocado toast.

Though only open since March 2017, it’s already become wildly popular – as can be seen on the Holy Matcha Instagram.

holy matcha

New Better Buzz Coffee in PB (+ Another One to Come!)

Better Buzz coffee in SD started as a coffee cart. Since, it’s become an obsession and lifestyle; drinks like their Best Drink Ever and menu items like their smoothie bowls have won people’s hearts. Now, a larger venue has opened in PB at 1186 Garnet Avenue – close to the original flagship venue.

A large 2 story Better Buzz in Hillcrest is on the way, as well. This will be a massive, 8,000 square foot space that’ll also have space for meetings and classes.

pb garnet now open

Lofty Coffee in Little Italy

The newest location of Lofty Coffee in Little Italy is a gem. They make mean Americanos and lattes – as well as serve great breakfast and lunch options. Its prime location in Little Italy and open air style make for great atmosphere.

lofty coffee little italy sd

Pappalecco in Kensington

This popular Italian cafe in San Diego opened their newest location in the Kensington neighborhood. Pappalecco, if you haven’t been already, is a Tuscan venue offering fantastic pastries, coffee and more. This location is the first to start offering pizza with an on-site menu. So start with a coffee…end with some margherita pizza?



*Main thumbnail image credit goes to San Diego Magazine


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