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Why to Try These St. Patrick’s Themed Foods & Drinks in Pacific Beach

Why to Try These St. Patrick’s Themed Foods & Drinks in Pacific Beach

There’s no time like March to consume anything related to Baileys or the color green. Great spots in SD’s Pacific Beach have St. Patrick’s Day food and drinks we think are worth trying:


Nutty Irishman from Cafe 976 (Morning St. Patty’s Latte)

Cafe 976 crafts craveable drinks that are perfect for this holiday. The Nutty Irishman has a base of hazelnut and green mint, making for a unique latte that’s perfect in the morning or afternoon.

(The Green Frog has a color that makes it a great option, as well. It’s green mint with steamed half & half. Mmmm.)

cafe 976

PB Shore Club (St. Patty’s Day Drink)

On St. Patrick’s Day, they are famous for serving a green slushie to celebrate the holiday.

Recommendation: Arrive to Pacific Beach Shore Club as early as you can. This venue is popular on an average day and can get especially crowded on St. Patrick’s Day.


Dan Diego’s Euro Cafe and Pub (The Ultimate Irish Meal)

This Irish pub in Pacific Beach is a great spot for Emerald Isle-inspired food. For the ultimate Irish meal, we recommend:

  • Irish Beer Battered Fish & Chips OR Beef Shepherd’s Pie (entree)
  • Bread Pudding or Seasonal Fruit Cobbler (dessert)
  • Guinness or Murphy’s Stout (drink)

After a drink, remember to say Slainte! (That’s the phrase used to “cheers” with one another’s glasses.)


McDonald’s (Sinfully Good Irish Themed Beverage Treats)

We realize that McDonald’s are all over the world, but being located right on 1121 Garnet and having such delightful options, we had to include it.

The Shamrock Shake has become a classic staple by McDonald’s during this season.

Now, they are bringing you 5 versions of this Shamrock drink. The:

  • Original Shamrock Shake
  • Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe
  • Chocolate Shamrock Shake
  • Shamrock Hot Chocolate
  • Shamrock Mocha

Anyone else ready to hit the Drive Thru?

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 2.47.56 PM

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