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Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Ice cream is the ultimate summer dessert. Plus, a beautiful ice cream cone by the beach makes for a great Instagram photo. There are many ways to enjoy this classic, summer dessert though. Here’s how to get your fill of it in PB.

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Baked Bear

Enjoy heavenly ice cream between 2 freshly baked cookie sandwiches of your choice at Baked Bear Pacific Beach. They also offer soy ice cream, so those averse to dairy can enjoy it, too.

Fun fact: You don’t have to wait in any lines or bear (pardon the pun) the hot sun to get Baked Bear. You can order online via Uber Eats or Postmates.

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Image credit above and in main blog image to California Beaches

Topping-Packed Tubs at Cold Stone in PB

Get rich ice cream with your favorite toppings at Cold Stone Pacific Beach, located conveniently close to the beach on Mission Boulevard.

cold stone

Mr. Frostie for Old School Ice Cream & Charm

Mr. Frostie is a staple to the PB community; opened on Garnet in 1949, it’s served soft serve ice cream and treats then and ever since. The current owners have had it since 1978 and have kept it a family business through and through.

In addition to classic soft serve cones, they offer favorites like:

  • Specialty Milkshakes (Yellow Cake Batter, Heath Bar, Red Velvet…)
  • The Dirt Cup (Chocolate soft serve with whipped cream, gummy bears, oreo and chocolate syrup. Need we say more?)
  • The Banana Boat (A beautiful boat – crafted from a banana – filled with magical ice cream, whipped cream and more.)

icecream mr frostie

Image credit to Lemons, Avocados & the Bay 

Frozen Yogurt at Yogurt On the Rocks

Fro yo is close enough to ice cream, right? For those who like to add their own toppings and enjoy a slightly healthier option, check out Yogurt on the Rocks. Their creamy fro yo is a great ice cream alternative.

Plus, while they maintain certain flavors most times of year, the menu changes frequently. This can be a fun surprise each time you come!


yogurt on rocks

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