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The Best Events to Celebrate Chinese New Year in San Diego

The Best Events to Celebrate Chinese New Year in San Diego

We’ve already popped champagne for reaching January 1st; now, it’s time for the exciting Lunar New Year. It’s celebrated throughout the world, including here in San Diego.

Here are great events & festivals to commemorate Chinese New Year in SD.

San Diego Chinese New Year Fair (Downtown SD)

This annual event is a 2 day fair with a variety of entertainment, eats & more. Hosted by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association San Diego, it’s nestled in the old Chinatown of San Diego – now the Asian Thematic District.

This event features:


  • A stage featuring many musical and dance performances
  • Delicious food & drinks from Chinese and other Asian cultures


It’s found on J Street & Third Avenue.

Cost: FREE

Find dates & specific times at the Chinese New Year Fair website.

(Typically 3rd or 4th weekend in February.)

chinese new year 2018 downtown

Lunar New Year at SeaWorld


SeaWorld hosts a Lunar New Year celebration that typically goes about 2 weeks. Come enjoy:


  • A mesmerizing Chinese acrobat performance
  • Other local entertainers
  • Fantastic bites & drinks


It’s a colorful celebration that’ll get you even more excited for rest of year to come!

It’s typically the second & third week of February.

Get specific dates & information here.

new year seaworld

Vietnamese Inspiration: San Diego Tết Festival


This Vietnamese festival is 3 days of entertainment, food and more. Get excited for:


  • Spoken word
  • Miss Vietnam Pageant
  • Golden Voice
  • Music like taiko drumming
  • Other contests, such as Dog Costume!


It’s going to be 3 fiersome days of entertainment and amazing food (like, of course, pho!)

Learn more here at the festival website.

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