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PB Pathways

When you hear the words “Pacific Beach”, what do you picture? I’m guessing skaters, bicyclists and joggers come quickly to mind. To promote this culture of traveling by wheels and on foot, a local organization has come up with a brilliant neighborhood project.


About Beautiful PB


Beautiful PB, a non-profit org, is proud of its prioritized Complete Streets – PB Pathways. PB Pathways are complete streets that will allow all users, including:


  • Pedestrians
  • Joggers & Runners
  • Bicyclists
  • Motorists
  • Transit Riders


To navigate the Pacific Beach neighborhood safely. With these carefully designed streets that emphasize traffic safety measures, it’s aim is to encourage people to ride their bikes, snap on their rollerblades and get walking.





PB Pathways have a few focused purposes. Mainly to:


  • Guide users along the paths utilizing signs and marking to find preferred destinations, likes parks & beaches.
  • Provide pathway users safer ways of connecting, street crossing and general transportation. (Because, let’s be real, trying to bike across parts of Garnet can make you feel like you’re in a game of Frogger.)
  • Reduce cars cutting through bicycle, skate & walking traffic on neighborhood streets.
  • Lower Pacific Beach car usage in general.
  • Encourage more bicycling, skating, walking and jogging in the Pacific Beach community.
  • Promote green living and infrastructure with decorative public art, urban gardens and more plants and trees along the pathways.


Where’s the Money Coming From?


These PB Pathways are funded by the Pacific Beach EcoDistrict Partners, grants and from fundraising and donations from the public. Interested in making a donation yourself? Learn how to do so on their website,


How do I know I’m on a PB Pathway?


Markings are going up with teh PB Pathway logo, which features the name and a bicycle image inside a surfboard. Just like this:


See more photos and follow up on their newest projects and headways on their instagram: @BeautfulPB.

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