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Local Events & Entertainment

It’s Thursday night and you want do something different than your standard trip to the movie theatre. How about testing out your fun fact skills at trivia night at Woodstock’s Pizza on Garnet Avenue or checking out what band is playing at 710 Beach Club by the Boardwalk?

For those the music lovers out there, local bands and musicians can be found at many venues in the PB area. 710 Beach Club is just one of these places. Other music and venues include local bands at PB Catina & Typhoon Saloon on Garnet Avenue, live DJs at Bar West, and jazz nights at Cafe Europa in North PB.

One of the best aspects of PB is the sheer amount of activity going on. Weekly farmer’s markets, local trivia nights, annual festivals…there’s always something happening here. It’s not uncommon to be walking by the Bay and find yourself in a 5k charity run. Many a Saturday you can find a different festival going on around the main street, Garnet, such as the Brazilian Day festival. Even grander events like PB Fest stretch all the way down the PB Boardwalk.

On a weekly basis, you’ll find participants in Vavi Sports Club’s leagues playing games in many different types of sports. At elementary schools off Grand Avenue you’ll see softball games and, at PB Sports Center, will walk in to find yourself ducking as people exercise their throwing arms in games of dodgeball.

Entertainment here in PB is easy to find; all you have to do is look.

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