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5 Reasons to Join a Vavi Sports Team

5 Reasons to Join a Vavi Sports Team

Most local 20 and 30 somethings are familiar with Vavi Sports in San Diego, the social sports league that hosts organized leagues throughout SD. Even if you’ve seen groups running around in those bright neon Vavi sports shirts and headbands – perhaps you’ve never joined yourself.

Here are just a few great benefits of joining a San Diego Vavi sports team.

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  1. It’s a Sneaky Workout.

    As much as you may love (or hate) the gym, getting outside and running around like a kid back in recess is great exercise. Especially sports like soccer and basketball. That’s a lot of sprinting right there.

  2. Opportunity for FREE Chipotle in San Diego.

    If you sign up for a Chipotle sponsored league, you and your team get a free swag bag with goodies that include, yes, cards for free Chipotle burritos. They also do random days where, if you wear your Vavi shirt into a Chipotle, you get meal deals.

  3. Get Special Discounts at Your Sponsored Bar.

    Your league has a bar partner. There, you’ll get sweet drink deals and food discounts – such as $3 Miller Lites at PB Cantina or $8 Miller Lite Pitchers at Mother’s Saloon in Ocean Beach. It’s the perfect way to hang out after a game.

  4. Meet Awesome New People.

    There’s something truly bonding about playing together on a sports team. High fives between goals scored and drinks after – that tends to lead to a lot of friendships. Plus, having signed up for the same sport that you both like – you already have something major in common.

  5. Attend Sweet Events in SD.

    There are great Vavi-hosted events that enable you to try new things, meet even more great people – and typically include free or super cheap beverages. This can include special 5K days at the Del Mar County Fair, softball tournaments and beyond.

What San Diego Sports Leagues are Offered?

To confirm, the San Diego sports offered are:

Kickball, softball, beach volleyball, flag football, soccer, basketball, indoor volleyball, dodgeball, running club, bowling, golf leagues or golf lessons, tennis leagues, hiking club


There really is something for everyone.
Check out the upcoming schedules for all sports at the online Vavi schedule.

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